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Expansion thanks to reduction?

Expansion and reduction are not mutually exclusive in this case. By installing our reducing kit, you decrease the cylinder diameter of your abrasive flow machine and thereby expand your processing spectrum. As a result, you are perfectly prepared for both test processing as well as serial production, for small, delicate and large components - all with one machine.

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We are your partner for contract manufacturing

For components with traditional production methods, and for additively manufactured components in particular, there is often a need to significantly improve the surface quality, especially if they have hard to reach, internal surfaces. We would be happy to process your workpieces as a service provider at our contract manufacturing site in Freiberg am Neckar.
See the quality of our machining for yourself, and the opportunities it opens up for your individual workpieces. We are happy to create an initial feasibility analysis for your components based on drawings.

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Optimization of medium piston in the grinding process of inside surfaces

With our abrasive flow machining process you can achieve significant improvements in the surface quality of your processed workpieces. The new, modular medium pistons from Micro Surfaces minimise the number of spare part replacements you will have to make in future. In the event that a sealing edge wears out, only the piston seal and, after even longer run times, the guide band need to be replaced.

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More powerful hydraulic aggregate and optimised software

Perfect coordination of all components forms the basis for first-class product quality. Our systems now have a more powerful hydraulic aggregate. In conjunction with optimised software this leads to an even more stable process and thus to the best grinding results.

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The new heating/cooling system with anti-condensation coating

The temperature of the STREAMER© abrasive medium has a high impact on the processing quality. We have developed a significantly improved heating/cooling system and redesigned the heat exchanger. These measures ensure that the medium remains at a consistent temperature. Moreover, an additional anti-condensation coating increases the service life of the Streamer.

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Optimization of medium piston in the grinding process of inside surfaces

In the future we want to send you regular information under the heading on current topics, innovations and projects for Micro Surfaces.

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